Trust-based handling of drop-shipment orders

A prerequisite for the use of the drop-shipment service in our company is placing an order via our online shop or an electronic connection to our ordering system. We make it very easy and comfortable for our customers, they just have to send a few sample data sets to Eschweiler and then our IT department takes care of programming an interface.

The feedback is consistently positive, especially since the customers benefit greatly from the improved order and logistics processes and have no additional costs

The basis for this type of order processing is the growing basis of trust between our customers and our company. Absolute discretion is one of our top priorities when dealing with sensitive customer data.

Since almost 25 years we have never sold a cartridge directly to end customers. That creates trust and it will remain that way!

Resellers who want to avoid the huge price pressure that prevails in the market could most easily achieve this by creating their own brand to make a name for themselves. A private label is available. Only one's own brand ensures that a reseller can escape the tough price competition at least to some extent. While you can find cheaper deals for almost every branded product on the internet there is no such danger with a private label product.

Staying in the background is one of the most important virtues in the private label business. We, Pedro Schöller Printservice GmbH, do not appear externally anywhere for direct deliveries to end customers.

Please contact us if you would like to use our service. We are happy to support you in every way.


Review Paperworld 2018

As one of the leading manufacturers of remanufactured products in Europe, we have once again presented our products to international visitors to the sector at Paperworld in Frankfurt this year.

As usual, the fair is a good date for the industry, but economically uninteresting. We are exhibiting in Frankfurt since 1997, we do not see our commitment as an economic necessity, but rather as a custom.

A total of 1640 exhibitors from 66 countries were presented, which is roughly equivalent to the previous year. In comparison, more exhibitors from India, South Korea, Turkey, China, Russia and the United Kingdom were represented.

Visitor figures show a similar trend A total of 33,787 professional visitors gathered. Most of them internationals. The growth was particularly evident in countries such as: South Korea, China, Morocco, Bulgaria and Portugal, which is very interesting for our export department.


Renovation of our certifications

Certification of our quality management system
according to the new standard of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

The new standard ISO 9001:2015 was released on 23 September 2015. All previous certifications according to ISO 9001:2008 have to be renewed until 14 September 2018 as afterwards, they lose their validity. The PS Printservice GmbH was certified again on 28 July 2017.

Please find below an overview of the most important changes:

  1. Strategic orientation of the organisation
  2. Extension of the target groups
  3. Priority of the process management
  4. Allocation of responsibilities
  5. Risk management
  6. Knowledge management
  7. Documentation

Customer orientation is one of the major focuses of this management. The aim of every company is to inspire its customers, to acquire them and to keep them. This philosophy has been practiced in our company since a long time.

All in all, the new standard creates a better acceptance for the quality management system as it is now more practice-oriented. The focus was shifted to the subject optimization of processes by documentation regulations.

Certification of our environmental management system
according to the new standards of the DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

The new standard ISO 14001:2015 was released on 15 September 2015. Companies, certified according to the version dated 2009, have 3 years to change their environmental management system into the ISO 14001:2015. As of 15 September 2018, all certifications according to the ISO 14001:2004 and 14001:2009 will be unvalid. The PS Printservice GmbH was certified again also for this one on 28 July 2017.

Please find below an overview of the most important changes:

  1. Increased demand to the top management
  2. Emphatic focus on risk-oriented thinking
  3. More understanding for the context of the company as well as the wishes, expectations and requirements of the stakeholders
  4. Introduction of a life cycle analysis
  5. More flexibility during documentation

Dedicated employees and complex recycling processes need to have a good organisation with clear responsibilities and processes for environmental protection. Therefore, environmental protection is effectively organized in our company. Finally we can say that the need for adaption for our company due to the revised version of the ISO 14001 was very low.


IT Partners 2017– Review

We participated this year again in the IT Partners at Disneyland Paris. The IT Partners is an exhibition dedicated to the IT Business specialists.

As we do not deal with end users, this event represents a good opportunity to establish new contacts with resellers and distributors.

We noticed again that visitors are impressed by the fact that we recycle all our products exclusively in our factory in Western Europe, Germany. This represents a point for high quality products, an alternative to OEM products, permitting the realization of interesting margins.

For our industry, the IT Partners is key fair, giving us the possibility to present hardcopy products on the French market. We will take part in this event in the next few years and use the opportunity to consolidate and develop the business with French resellers and distributors.


Pedro Schöller PRINTSERVICE GmbH is growing

Already at the end of 2016, it was foreseeable that our order situation would be again in an uptrend due to the market situation. In order to take this development into account, we will hire additional employees in short term but this phase will require some time in order to qualify the new colleagues. Quality assurance begins with the incorporation of our employees. Motivated and well-trained professionals are invaluable for every company, so we take a lot of effort and take the time.

The industry has considerably changed in recent years, and many market participants have experienced changes that have led to a significant increase in demand for us. Further growth is expected in 2017.
Many innovative plans and ideas, especially for the private label customers, will be realized in the following months.


Review Paperworld 2017

This year again, we presented our products to the international trade show at the Paperworld in Frankfurt. For us, Paperworld is the platform for the initial contact to new customers who are looking for sustainable, resource-saving quality rebuilt toner cartridges. In many conversations, we were able to convince, this year once again, visitors of our quality positioning as a "Made in Germany" supplier. At the same time, this company philosophy was confirmed by our existing customers. The target group is mainly European customers, but we had also conducted promising discussions with buyers from Qatar, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

On the first tour, it was already noticeable that the "Remanexpo" section was much less frequented this year than in the last few years. Many exhibitors from the Far East had more to do with customs and prosecution than with trade fair visitors. Details were given in the press.

On the whole, we can say that the fair has all in all undergone a positive change, but it is not worth a visit for hardcopy dealers. However, the classic PBS trade is still well served as a visitor.

The exhibition management has published the following figures:


Review RTIS & Expo - Europe 2016 (Barcelona, Spain)

As a leading remanufacturer of toner cartridges in Europe, we were present this year, for the first time, at the RTIS & Expo - Europe 2016, in Barcelona, Spain.

The RTIS & Expo – Europe 2016 is a fair only dedicated to print supplies in Europe.
Thus, this exhibition is a great opportunity for us to develop contacts with international resellers and distributors.
This fair has given us the possibility to introduce our latest new products to the Spanish and European market.

We would probably exhibit next year again, and hope that the RTIS & Expo – Europe will grow year after year.


IT Partners 2016 – Review

We participated this year again to the IT Partners at Disneyland Paris. The IT Partners is an exhibition dedicated to the IT Business specialists.

As we do not deal with end users, this event represents a good opportunity to establish new contacts with resellers and distributors.

We noticed again that visitors are impressed by the fact that we recycle all our products exclusively in our factory in Western Europe, Germany. This represents a point for high quality products, an alternative to OEM products, permitting the realization of interesting margins.

For our industry, the IT Partners is key fair, giving us the possibility to present hardcopy products on the French market. We will take part in this event in the next few years and use the opportunity to consolidate and develop the business with French resellers and distributors.


Electronic invoices

The German forum for electronic invoices (FeRD) has developed the first unified data format for the exchange of electronic invoices, approved by the federal ministry of finance. This format, ZUGFeRD (Zentraler User Guide des Forums elektronisch Rechnung Deutschland / Central user guide of the forum for electronic invoices Germany) has been developed by numerous federal ministries and companies of various sectors. The objective is the consistent further development of dematerialisation of invoice processing. This format meets the requirements of international standards and can be applied out of Europe, at an international level.

The ZUGFeRD format of the invoices permits to transmit, read and process the billing data, structured in a PDF file, without an additional steps. This file consists on a visual and readable PDF format, as well as an XML format, readable by machines.

In order to offer our customers the best possible service, our electronic invoices will match the ZUGFeRD standard from the 01.12.2015.


PS Printservice further enhances its energy efficiency

Since the beginning of May 2014, we use geothermal energy for the air-conditioning of our production.

At Pedro Schöller PRINTSERVICE GmbH, holistic thinking is the basis for each process. For many years, Pedro Schöller cares about an energy efficient remanufacturation for environmentally friendly rebuilt toner cartridges. Years ago investments have already been done in energy-saving heat exchanger to use the process heating for heating of work areas. Now, PS sets new standards for energy efficiency of a rebuilt production. After a long lasting approval procedure, the project could now be implemented within a period of approximately 8 weeks. On the factory premises of Pedro Schöller PRINTSERVICE GmbH, six boreholes with a depth of 110 meters have been made. Due to the geological conditions, a sufficient extraction capacity is available for keeping the building all year long on a constant temperature level, thanks to heat pumps.

During the recycling process the climatic conditions are very important for the quality of the products. Particularly the air temperature and humidity are essential for the correct handling of toner powders.

For the ambitious project, new grounds had to be broken for the energy concept of the production plant. Heating and cooling are now handled by geothermal energy and by the use of waste heat. To achieve the highest energy efficiency possible, it was important to work without any loss during the exchange of heat. It was also essential to preheat the outside air of the ventilating system using the recovered geothermal energy. Thus, heat losses are avoided in winter and they benefit from climate-neutral cooling with an excellent energy efficiency in summer.

The project had an investment volume of almost 200,000 Euros with a planning period of about 12 months. Since the beginning of May 2014, the plant has been operating. Thus, we have achieved our goal: the optimization our environmental conditions through the energy-efficiency of the climate control our recycling process.

Geothermische Bohrungen


Be careful with illegal replicas of toner cartridges

On the Aftermarket, toner cartridges sold at dumping prices, usually appear being counterfeits. European and national laws stipulate that commercial operators must be aware that patents are pending on the products with which they trade. Everyone who imports, sells or owns illegal products, is liable and may have to pay compensations. The OEMs are fighting continuously against resellers, distributors and importers who violate trademark rights. And it also applies here: ignorance is no excuse!

Thus, prefer eco-friendly and legal rebuilt cartridges. Those are used OEM cartridges and put in condition through a remanufacturing process. Writing pieces are basically replaced and the cartridge is refilled with toner.

There are here significant quality differences. High quality rebuilt cartridges are only produced with virgin empties. That means that the empty original cartridges are recycled only once (the manufacture norm DIN 33870 allows the products to be recycled until 4 times).

By selecting rebuilt toner cartridges, pay attention to the following points:

  1. OEM brand must be erased or illegible, so that the customer recognizes that´s a recycled product.
  2. Exchanged pieces should be only pieces, which do not violate any patent rights.
  3. Rebuilt cartridges are not labelled as OEM cartridges.
  4. Protection of producers’ rights is respected and/or handled through own technical solutions.
  5. Price is in connection with OEM prices.

Newbuilt cartridges (clones) from Far East are often wrongly presented as recycled products by their counterfeiters. There are 3 criteria with which you can check it:

  • Price: if the difference between the actual price of empties and the price of rebuilt cartridges is low, so it is probably illegal cartridges, replicas (clones) against patent rights. When you see a so-called good deal, ask yourself if an honest recycling to such a price is possible.
  • Product availability time frame: if a new printer is for a little while on the market there are, in general, only a few empties available and no or a few rebuilt cartridges available. If you receive an offer for high quantities during that period of time, you can assume it is illegal replica.
  • Appearance:a cartridge which never had any indication of the OEM or which shows few or no marks of previous use is usually not a rebuilt cartridge.

With PS quality products, you are always on the safe, legal side!


20 years PS toner

The company Pedro Schöller PRINTSERVICE GmbH celebrated its 20th birthday on 1 October!

Since 1993, we have been producing rebuilt toner cartridges for laser printers, with recycling processes of a high technical level, in our factory in Germany.

In the last two decades, the market has been in constant evolution as well as the companies having a trustful partnership with us. PS has always succeeded to keep up with the perpetual changing times. Only in this way it is possible to maintain its position over such a long time on the market.

However, one thing has been remaining the same for 20 years: the major focus of our company’s policy is our slogan Quality wins. This applies to our products which are a real alternative to the OEM as well as to our service. With this quality standard we have grown up to one of Europe’s leading recycler.

We give thanks to our business partners who joined us on this way!

20 Jahre PS


EU Timber Regulation EUTR No 995/2010
Information on our packaging

On 3 March 2013, an EU Timber Regulation (No 995/2010 EUTR) came into effect. It applies to wood and wood products being placed for the first time on the EU market and implicates an extensive auditing duty concerning the origin and legality of wood. Aim of this regulation is to stop the circulation of illegal wood harvest. Pulp, paper and cardboard packaging are also affected by this regulation if they are not exclusively made of waste-paper.

The EUTR defined the following conditions:

  1. Placing illegally harvested timber and products derived from such timber on the EU market is prohibited
  2. Those who place timber products on the EU market for the first time are required to keep information about their suppliers and customers
  3. Those who place timber products for the first time are required to implement a control system evaluating  and  excluding possible risks of illegal wood related products
  4. Someone who puts timber or timber related products for commercial purposes for the first time into circulation within the EU market is considered as someone who places timber products for first time on the market

EUTR classified dealers are obligated to enable a complete traceability of wood or wood products. That means that they keep information about their suppliers and customers for concrete deliveries and that they are able to recall data at short notice in case that the responsible supervisory authority or organisation is requesting such data. These information should retain for a period of 5 years. The due diligence system has not to be considered by a company when the company buys goods which have already placed on the domestic market from an EU business partner.

The environmental protection is an important component of our company’s philosophy. Our environmental management, certified according to 14001:9001, is also in this case an advantage for our customers. All boxes and inner packaging that we are using are made to 100 % of waste-paper. Therefore, these materials are not concerned by this regulation!

For more information please visit:


Pedro Schöller continues investing in German site

Not only the continuously increasing capacity maxed out the installation structure but also the company requirements regarding environmental as well as explosion protection.
After a long planning phase for the enlargement and modernisation of manufacturing equipment, the delivery and assembling of new plant components were effected on 1st of March 2013.

Due to the high automation standard of the company, a totally new system for turbine ventilators and corresponding pre-separators had to be developed together with the manufacturer. With the aid of a 70 tonne crane, the new plant components were lifted up exactly above the roof which was opened especially for this procedure. The integration into the present system ran smoothly so that the plant could be brought on line already the next day.

To invest in further automated working processes is an important step in the right direction. With the continuous willingness to invest in new technologies the company raises the bar in print technology which is becoming increasingly complex.



AEONew dimension of terror

As a first reaction to the discovery of two parcel bombs, German airspace for aircraft from Yemen is initially locked. The dangerous freight consisted of standard laser printers, type HP P2055, which were equipped with standard cartridges. Instead of  toner powder, 300 or rather 400 gram of the odourless explosive PETN were found in the cartridges.

Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière announced during a visit to the  Cologne / Bonn airport the launch of an European security initiative. In safety circles they are talking about a new dimension of threat due to the bomb construction. A team of experts in Berlin has already started their job. The experts are destined to reveal weaknesses in the transport and surveillance system. The goal is to coordinate the security procedures at European level.

As we had seen in this increasing globalisation a changing security situation with a constantly unsafe development, we have already decided in 2009 to apply for the certification as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). In order to be approved for AEO status by the customs authorities it is necessary for companies to comply with customs regulations, maintain an appropriate logistics system, be able to meet all financial obligations and uphold extremely high security standards throughout the entire organisation. Via our forwarding agent which is also certified, a safe supply chain up to our customer’s building is given.

A company designated as AEO has a special status. It is considered as very reliable and trustworthy and gets therefore special concessions in customs clearance.

In this way global framework conditions of a modern and effective risk management have been created. It may be assumed that the importance of security is getting higher and higher not only in the cross-border traffic but also in public administration and in big industry. Thus, the AEO – status is today a door opener for a faultless and quick business.

We would be pleased to sent you an AEO certificate on request.


New logistics center at our Eschweiler site

Investment in service and delivery readiness

In order to continue offering our customers the greatest flexibility and a rapid delivery capability, the cornerstone was laid in September for a new logistics centre at our Eschweiler site.

The new building complex accommodates a sophisticated warehousing and shipment logistics facility to enable us to respond even more flexibly to customer requirements.

Our new logistics centre is equipped with ultra-modern picking systems and provides space for a further 2,800 pallet storage places. The increased stockpiling of raw materials, finished products and packaging materials offers distinct benefits to both us and our customers.

The new logistics centre was completed and made operationally ready in August 2010. The new construction of 40,000 sqft has enlarged the floor space; the current total area is now approximately 200,000 sqft.

This new expansion of our operations clearly demonstrates the investment we make in the growth of our German-based interests. It will ensure that we continue to be a robust partner for our customers far into the future.