Secure supply chain - Quality certificate issued by the customs authorities

Pedro Schöller PRINTSERVICE GmbH is an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

In the face of increasing globalisation and the changed international security situation, the World Customs Organisation (WCO) has developed standards for worldwide trade. The objective of these standards is to secure a continuous international supply chain from the manufacturer of a product to the end consumer through companies designated as AEO.

In order to be approved for AEO status by the customs authorities it is necessary for companies to comply with customs regulations, maintain an appropriate accounting and logistics system, be able to meet all financial obligations and uphold extremely high security standards throughout the entire organisation. With regard to the security aspect, high standards are required within the Company and for its relations with business partners and service providers. The customs authorities examine these pre-conditions in detail and subject them to continuous monitoring.

Given the high standards required for approval, AEOs are regarded as very reliable partners to customs authorities and as having a particularly low level of risk. The Authorised Economic Operator status is therefore regarded as the highest certificate of quality held by a company and which is awarded and continuously monitored by governmental customs agencies.

This high standard of quality and security presents a significant competitive advantage that will benefit both, our customers and us. The AEO certificate is globally recognised proof of the high standards of our quality, professionalism, security and reliability.